The Real Surprise.

As the driver sped down LaCienga Blvd., I asked him this question, “Sir, can you at least tell me what airline you are taking me too?” “No ma’am, not yet. Someone has gone to great lengths to surprise you, haven’t they?” he answered. What? I thought, how rude! As I sat in the back seat … Continue reading The Real Surprise.

Such Bullshit.

I woke up the next morning feeling great; I jumped out of bed and got ready for work. Though our office was very small, it was rare when I didn’t get ‘dressed’ for work. I put on a dress, pair of heels, my face and headed out the door. We were at the start of … Continue reading Such Bullshit.

It Was Magic.

The moment that Andrew wrapped me in his arms and we kissed I knew I had made the right decision by flying to Portugal.   He lived about an hour out of Lisbon and since we were in the city he had a few errands to run, in typical European style government offices were only open … Continue reading It Was Magic.


Andrew was the perfect distraction.  He was from Portugal but had lived in the US since college and only recently moved back to his family home in the countryside outside of Lisbon.  Andrew was straight forward, giving, passionate, funny, and interesting...and I only knew this from his email, I hadn't even heard his voice yet. … Continue reading Andrew.