Martini’s Make Everything Better.

I was in a state of mind that can only be described as utter confusion with a side of absolute fury. As the gavel went down, my mind was swarming with questions. The first one was for my lawyer, and it was, “WHAT THE FUCK is the pant-suit lady talking about? How did she only get my … Continue reading Martini’s Make Everything Better.

Divorce Court Sucks.

Being back in LA was a much more difficult than I had expected.  Work was crazy, I had about 100 hours worth of things to catch up on in the next two days, I was fighting jet lag, and to top it off I still the ten plus unanswered voicemails from my lawyer, every time … Continue reading Divorce Court Sucks.

It Was Magic.

The moment that Andrew wrapped me in his arms and we kissed I knew I had made the right decision by flying to Portugal.   He lived about an hour out of Lisbon and since we were in the city he had a few errands to run, in typical European style government offices were only open … Continue reading It Was Magic.


Andrew was the perfect distraction.  He was from Portugal but had lived in the US since college and only recently moved back to his family home in the countryside outside of Lisbon.  Andrew was straight forward, giving, passionate, funny, and interesting...and I only knew this from his email, I hadn't even heard his voice yet. … Continue reading Andrew.