New Year Same Me.

Happy New Year!!! After being sad during my first single Christmas, I was determined to make the most out of New Year’s Eve. In reality, I hate New Year’s Eve, it is never that great and it is always overhyped and then a huge letdown. I had convinced myself this year would be different. I had bought a table at my membership club, Soho House, and invited a group of single friends. Once I decided I wanted to go out but didn’t want to chase the party everywhere. I wanted to be in one spot, be the party and this was a guaranteed party.

I wasn’t feeling my best in the self-confidence department and knew the NYE staple look for most women, short and tight, was not my cup of tea this year. The party was black tie, and I decided to wear my new favorite dress that Sam had bought me on our shopping spree in Miami, before flying off to Turks & Caicos. The green flowing DVF dress that made me feel like I was wearing Halston- it was perfect for NYE. New Years is a lot like Halloween in the respect that you can get away with wearing just about anything; regardless of your age or the weather.


The girls got ready at my place; I had hired one of my favorite makeup artist, Lisa G to do our makeup and hair. I had massive hair extensions that I wanted to wear and knew that it was more than I could tackle. I popped the champagne, opened some caviar, and the night had begun. They had transformed the club into an underwater adventure, and it was fantastic. The night, overall, was fun, and I am glad I wasn’t sitting home crying into my whiskey. It hit that point in the night where people were getting sloppy drunk, and I was wondering who would be my midnight kiss. As the countdown began we all raised our glasses and shouted at the top of our lungs; five, four, three, two, one, Happy New Years! I did end up having a midnight kiss, but it was a gay BFF, so it didn’t count actually.


I woke up the next morning only slightly hung over and highly disappointed. Though I acknowledge that New Years is always a let down I love the idea of a new year. It was always exciting to me to think about being able to set new goals, feel refreshed, take a step forward in time without looking back- that was exactly what I needed this year. I was ready to tackle 2013 like a boss! So, of course, when I woke up I expected to wake up feeling like a whole new me; New Year, new me-, right? Nope, not the case. New year, same me. I lay in bed and stared at the chandelier on my ceiling.

The past year had been monumental. Maybe it wasn’t in the way I hoped and planned for but it was life changing. I talked to myself for a good hour saying things like; “you might not feel different today, but you never know what tomorrow brings!” And, “This is the first day of a new year, and anything can happen.” Then I had a bright spot, a light bulb went off. My divorce would become final with the state of California this year! California has a six-month statute of limitations and thought I didn’t know the exact date, I knew it would be sometime in 2013. That was something I could get excited about!

I had a brief thought of wondering what my x-did on New Year’s Eve and that lead me to think about New Years Eve 2012.

New Years 2012:

We had been invited by friends to Napa to attend a dinner party of a very chic couple that we knew through friends. It was a very grown up civilized dinner party, just how I like it. My husband had two friends that didn’t have plans, and he thought it was totally appropriate to invite them and their dates to come along. I thought it was completely and totally rude, and I could NOT believe the idea had even crossed his mind. We were basically guests of guests, and I was not about to invite more guests! He ended up asking the hostess because I refused. Being the gracious woman that she is, she suggested that they come after dinner to ring in the new year- as the dinner table was full. The two of my husbands’ friends that I am referring two were work colleges and close friends. I always had liked them, but when they showed up with “dates” that, I am fairly sure, were paid by the hour and I decided I was not such a fan. I had never been so embarrassed, and I wanted to kill my husband! Of course he didn’t see anything wrong with it.

As midnight grew near I decided to put it behind me and kiss my new husband at midnight! I was so happy; a new dress, new lipstick, and a new husband. It was my most perfect New Year’s Eve to date.

The next morning we went to breakfast with our hosts, loaded Jet into the car and headed back to the city. I was excited to have spent the quality time together with my husband even if it was just a few days. We were still newlyweds, and I would take all the time with him I could get. The day after Christmas, he had received an “urgent” call to from his boss. It seemed a group of workers at the company was preparing to strike, and they were pulling all the executives together for an offsite to come up with a plan to avoid it. It was urgent and had to be taken care of before the end of the year. Being the supportive wife I, of course, told him to go and just be back by New Years.

In reality, he was spending time with Kathy. I would later learn he spent four nights six blocks from our home in a hotel with her and their dog. From the photos, I would later find on Facebook it seemed they had a wonderful time. Eating out, at our favorite places, seeing the tree in Union Square, working out together… It was just lovely. Thinking about it today makes me laugh. It is like Sliding Doors; one moment could have changed everything. Had I crossed the street at a different time, maybe I would have bumped into them or if a friend had said, “let’s go to dinner at Zuni.” I could have been seated next to them. I don’t know why I never caught them together, but it is fun to fantasize about what I would have said! It is definitely not rated PG.

I only figured this out when I discovered their life on Facebook when Marcy and I dissected the photos Katy had posted her run around the city. I could see that she had run to the Ferry Building and back and which block she started from. I called the two hotels on that block posing as her assistant. I told the front desk that I was her assistant and I had lost her original hotel bill, if I didn’t get her expenses done she was going to fire me. The man on the phone felt sorry for me and said he would email me a copy if he could also mail one to her. I agreed and gave him my email and when asked for hers I said, “yes, of course,” The worst made up email address ever… but it worked!

Once I had the bill in my hand I could see the exact dates she was in town, my x’s name wasn’t on the room but the hotel had charged her for valet on a gray BMW… funny that is why he drove. They had also listed the license plate. I had no idea what his plate was, so as soon as Marcy and I was sure he was home I snuck back into our parking garage to see his plate. It was a match.

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