Martini’s Make Everything Better.

I was in a state of mind that can only be described as utter confusion with a side of absolute fury. As the gavel went down, my mind was swarming with questions. The first one was for my lawyer, and it was, “WHAT THE FUCK is the pant-suit lady talking about? How did she only get my records YESTERDAY???”  He stammered and stuttered trying to explain to me that his office had made a clerical error and the documents, all of my financial documents, had been sent to her old office, not the new address. Come to find out that she had her old address on her letterhead- total trickery in my opinion but I was still furious.  Because of some stupid clerical error, my divorce hearing was three minutes long and now would be pushed three months. So much for moving on with my life quickly, that dream was dead. I saw my husband duck out as soon as his lawyer would let him, so we had no more contact that day and I was relieved. Did he know this was going to happen? Did he have something to do with it? Was he trying to drag this out?

My sister, an attorney, herself and I cornered my lawyer and asked, “what the hell just happened!” He was apologizing profusely and then tried to spin it by saying it could be a good thing, “it gives us more time to dig into his past and his financials.” Seeing that his spin was not working on me he finished by saying, “of course I am not going to bill you for the extra time.” “I would think not,” I said and turned to leave the courthouse. My crew said nothing in the elevator, nothing as we exited the courthouse and got into the car. Once we were in the car and pulled out the parking garage I finally broke the ice, “what the fuck just happened?” Everyone took a sigh of relief and then we broke into hysterical laughter. Looking back I have no idea why I was the one driving, pissed off female behind the wheel is never a good idea!

I had hoped that after the court hearing I would be able to call Andrew and deliver news that we could both be excited about, now I didn’t even want to call. He had been so distant that I assumed the reaction would be less than supportive and his tone would have a flare of “I told you so, you should have done this, or that” so I decided to skip it and have lunch and cocktails with Daydree at my favorite spot in Beverly Hills. After a glass of prosecco and a chopped salad I was feeling a bit better, the La Scala chopped salad makes everything better.


Later that evening I got a text from Andrew asking me how court went. I answered back with a short and simple answer, let’s just say it didn’t go wellWhat happened?  He asked. NOTHING, nothing happened! That is the problem. Everything is on hold until December, I typed back. I am sorry it didn’t turn out the way you wanted, he text. I didn’t respond.


The next day I drove Daydree to the airport, and when she got out of the car, I cried the whole way home. I cranked up my Adele playlist, mixed with a little Kelly Clarkson (the perfect soundtrack for any breakup), and just let it all out! I knew that eventually I would get my divorce and I would no longer feel this way, but I was devastated because I had thought it was going to be done after the first day in court. Why did she need more time to review my financials? I didn’t have any to speak of and HE was the liar! I now realize how naive that sounds.

From the airport I drove straight to the office; I needed to distract myself with work and we were only weeks away from our first orientation, there was a LOT to get done!

When I got to work I was focused and being productive which made me feel good. I went outside for my one cigarette a day break and my phone rang.  I answered without looking at the caller ID, “This is Keylee.”  “Keylee! It’s Sam!”  Sam was a director I had worked with as a costumer on and off for ten years, I hadn’t talked to him in a long while.  We always had a fun relationship and when I lived in LA we often would grab a drink to catch up.  He was working on set with a makeup artist friend of mine, and she had mentioned that I was living in LA again. He was calling to chat and set up dinner so we could catch up. Sam and I had always been friends; he was creative, fun, smart and successful. I agreed to have dinner with him later that week, and I was looking forward to it.

Andrew and I had discussed me coming back to Portugal for a visit in October, so I had started looking at plane tickets. I found a great deal on a ticket for a week in the middle of October, so I quickly sent him an email to see if the dates worked for him. Andrew was not offering to pay for my plane ticket so I was trying to find one that I could afford and the options were limited. Yes, I now realize this should have been a giant red blinking sign – he kept saying how he wanted me to visit but, his actions were showing me something VERY different. Don’t ever forget that girls (and boys)!

I have to admit that even thinking about seeing him again gave me a flutter of excitement. His response to my email was less than exciting, clearly, we felt differently. He had a new project that was starting and wasn’t sure when his team would be arriving, so he wasn’t sure if that week would work, blah blah blah. I knew in my gut that I would most likely not be going to Portugal ever again, at least not to see Andrew. I was so pissed that he didn’t have the balls to be honest with me and was making up bullshit excuses. I decided that until he was honest with me I was not going to drop the issue. Two days later I put the plane ticket on hold and sent him a confirmation email to let him know.

It was that same day that I was sitting in my office when I realized I was late to meet Sam for dinner. I took a quick look in the mirror; slapped on some lipstick, grabbed my leather jacket and ran out the door. When I walked in he was sitting at an outside table with a martini, he stood to give me a hug, as I walked up I realized just how much I had missed him!  Before he could even ask what I wanted to drink I grabbed his glass and took a swig.  He promptly ordered me a martini and said, “how are you? What’s new?” I took another drink of his martini and said: “how much time do you have?”

As we started to talk and catch up it turns out we had more in common than I thought, we were both going through a divorce and were both frustrated. Sam had known me when I was married to my first husband, and I remember him asking me why I was marrying the second one, a question that swirled in my mind often at this point.

We ordered dinner and another round of drinks and kept talking before I knew it we had moved onto the subject of dating in LA. He had been dating about the same amount of time as I had and the “war” stories were making us laugh until my stomach muscles hurt, it was nice to have someone sympathize with me on how awful dating in LA was.


We ordered another round of drinks ( I have a two martini limit by the way) and Sam asked, “Ok, enough about the bad dates what is the best first date you have been on?” “That is an easy one,” I said and told him the story of the night I went to the CFDA Awards.  Sam, being the slightly arrogant man that he was, took a drink and scoffed, “New York? New York? Any guy can pull off a trip to New York! That’s not impressive.”

“What? It was an amazing date, what are you talking about?” I defended my story.

“I could do so much better than that!” He said. “Oh really? Could you?” I teased him, laying down a challenge without intending to.

As I was laughing he said something that seriously caught me off guard, “go on a date with me, and I will prove it.” I finished my martini and answered back, “Are you asking me out?”

“If I did ask you out would you say yes?” He said with a smile.

“I don’t know, you would have to actually ask me to find out.” I smiled back. We went back and forth with this tit-for-tat until I finally stood up and said, “if you want to know the answer you will have to find the balls to ask me out!  Thank you for a lovely evening.”

I kissed him on the cheek, turned on my heels and left to get a cab. I noticed I was smiling when I got into the cab. The night ended in a way I never expected. I went home that night and slept like a baby, for the first time in a long time.

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