Our First Fight.

Mornings were my favorite; waking up next to Andrew, making tea and sitting on the porch with my laptop and the most incredible view I had ever seen.  It took me a few days to adjust to the time change, but almost no time at all to adjust to him.   As I sat there each morning I had a view of the farm across the way.  This is the adjacent land that Andrew planned on buying.  It also contained an old stone house and barns that he had already started renovations plans in his mind.  He wanted to turn the house into a high-tech house on the inside while keeping the old world charm on the outside.  Since the house, he currently lived in belonged to his family, technically the oldest surviving son of each generation, and since his dad was still living he didn’t have permission to make any major changes to that house.   Plus he wanted something of his own, it was all very romantic.

That night we went to out to dinner, I, of course, had no idea what to order and said as long as it was seafood I was happy.  I noticed Andrew was a bit moody and it was a side of him I didn’t like.  After dinner as he and his employees, yes they were with us as well, ordered desserts I asked for another glass of wine.  Andrew looked at me crossly and made a point of telling me that in Portugal they rarely serve wine by the glass and almost never after dinner, wine was to be consumed with dinner.  I looked at him and said, “In America, we are allowed to drink wine whenever we like.”  I don’t think that comment made him very happy but I am not one to be talked down to- ever.

At this point, my journal entries are all over the map.  Andrew started pulling away slightly and I had no idea how to react.  I was in a foreign country staying at his home and he was pulling away from me.  I wasn’t even halfway through my trip, what the fuck was I going to do?  I decided to do what grown-ups do, I talked to him about it.  Quickly I realized that guys who spew bullshit are not just located in Los Angeles but all over the world.

I got the canned excuse basically saying he was very sorry and he was so happy I was there, but he was stressed out about his latest work project and knowing that his family was coming to visit.  He then said the one thing that made me want to slap him, “I am happy you are here, but it does add pressure and stress to my day.”  “Let me get this straight.  YOU invited me to come visit and now I am stressing YOU out?” I asked while not trying to sound too angry but I never was an actress.  After a brief exchange and listening to his back pedal, I decided I would go for a run.

During my run, I got super emotional and started crying… this is when I decided to walk. What on earth was I doing? Why did I even decide to come here?  As I got back to the house Andrew was waiting for me with an apology.  He felt bad that we had fought.  I was still upset but I accepted his apology and thought well, we just had our first fight! The truth was- I loved him, call it lust or extreme happiness that I was finally feeling but to me in that moment, I loved him.

I kept asking him if there were things I could do around the house, I wanted to be helpful and to be honest I was bored!  I needed to wash my workout clothes so I offered to do a bit of his laundry.  I figured out the washer, after about twenty minutes and refusing to ask for help, and when it was done couldn’t find the dryer.  I went into the office to ask where it was, he started laughing.  He said, ”go outside the kitchen door and it is around the side of the house.“  I didn’t know why he was laughing but I turned and went to grab the wet clothes.  I figured the dryer was outside due to an exhaust issue or something, the house was hundreds of years old after all.  As I walked around the corner of the old stone structure I didn’t see a dryer…. I saw a clothesline.  What??? He still hangs all of his laundries?  I get that the house is old and everything is made of stone and basic but no dryer???  I couldn’t decide if I wanted to cry or laugh.  I picked up the small basket of pins and decided to just go with the flow.  So for the first time in my life, I hung laundry.

The next day we went to Lisbon, just the two of us.  I was so excited to spend time alone with him and as we drove around the city I was fascinated with all the graffiti art, architecture, and people.  We pulled into an underground parking garage and as I got out of the car Andrew grabbed me, pushed me against the wall and started kissing me- then he really started kissing me.  Before I knew it we were in a full-on makeout session.  He carried me behind the jeep and started to slide my dress up, I thought to myself, ‘thank goodness I wear so many dresses!’  His hands were all over my body, my heart was racing- it was steamy!  I couldn’t kiss him enough before I knew it we were doing a lot more than kissing.  I later thought about how thankful I was that they didn’t have cameras everywhere like they do in America!  Soon we heard the elevator ding and knew someone was coming. I composed myself, tried to wipe the lip gloss that I was sure was all over my face and we headed to the streets to begin our day exploring the city.  I noticed how great my hair looked after the incident, very full and sexy.  I decided this was the phrase I would use with my hairdresser, I called it parking garage hair.

We stopped for a romantic lunch at this picturesque café on a cobble stone side street, toward the end of the meal Andrew asked me a question.  “I need to ask you something and you have to promise to be honest,” he said.  I was immediately defensive because I hated the indication that I would ever be dishonest.  “Did you date other men after I left LA?” He asked.  I looked at him as I took a sip of my wine and said “I will never lie to you about anything.  Yes, I did go on a date but he is more of a friend than anything.” I, of course, was talking about an evening with Jaxton.  As the words left my mouth I could see that was not the answer he wanted to hear.  Andrew turned cold, got short with me and asked the waiter for the check.  “What are you so upset about?  I had no idea if I would ever see you again!  We had known each other for a week, we were not serious!” I protested.  As we walked away from the table I grabbed his arm “Hey! Don’t walk away from me!  Andrew, it was not a big deal!” I said trying to convince him.  “It is a big deal to me!  I haven’t dated anyone else since I got back!” He said.  I quickly responded, “If you didn’t want me to date anyone else then we should have talked about!  You not dating anyone is not the same, you live in a village where the average age of the women is 75!” He turned and I could see it

He turned and I could see it on his face, he found my comment funny and he cracked a very small smiled.  I knew he wasn’t happy about what I had told him, but he was trying to at least understand.  We went on about our day shopping and exploring the city, we finally decided to head back to the farm.  I noticed Andrew got off the highway on a different exit than we had entered.  When I questioned him he said he wanted to show me the view from an old windmill at the top of the hill.  I soon found out what he really wanted was to do was finish what we had started in the parking garage.  I hadn’t done that in a car in a very very long time but it is just as fun as I remember!

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