Single Lady Needs.

Two years.  Two years and three days ago my life changed forever!  In an instant I knew it would never be the same, I walked out of my house and never looked back.  Everything would change; who I was, what I thought about life, who I trusted, what my future would be, how I looked to myself in the mirror and most obvious of all- my martial status changed. I was suddenly a single girl in her mid- thirties… great, just what the world needed, another one!

I could go on and on about what has happened in my life over the last two years; the tears, the late nights fueled by friends and endless bottles of wine, the courtroom drama, the hours of therapy, the adventures and travels, the men, the piles of gifts, the other men, the high points, the low points, the anger, the euphoric joy of knowing I would survive, life would go on and I would not spend the rest of my life living a lie- I refused, no matter how bad it hurt in that moment.  When I re-entered the dating world, or more accurately jumped in head first with barely enough water in the pool, I thought “how hard could this be, I have dated before?”  Wow, was I wrong.  Yes, I had been single and dated before but never had I been single, dating, and in my mid-thirties.  The world had changed while I was in a relationship and married (though not really that much changed when I was married considering it was only 4 months).  Once I was settled back in LA was quickly convinced that when Pat Benatar wrote Love Is A Battlefield she was talking about dating in LA.

Most men are douche bags, just a fact not trying to be mean, or they are man children disguised as a what appears to the naked eye as a real gown up man but trust me … they are not.   Though the minefield of men in LA (and around the globe, yes the globe) has taught me a few things and one is that every single girl, of any age, needs to have a tool kit for herself.  No, not sexy toys (well yes, those are helpful but not what I am talking about in this post) but things in her life that make her feel good about herself, pretty and sexy because no man is needed for that!

These things will help you look better, feel better, and in the end don’t forget to write it all down!

Just think of how much fun your great grandchildren will have reading about your adventures, I know mine will!

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